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Museum show ,solo show, group show end of 2021 -2022

It blooms at night, acrylic, ink on wood 2022, size : 50 x 70 cm


Museum show « A la Pointe de l’art » collective exhibition at the Museum of La Poste in Paris  from May 19th to November 1st .

It’s my First important show in a museum in Paris.
For this special event the museum made a commission to me, the painting  » This letter belongs to you » 1m80 x 2m20 , acrylic, posca on wood is now on view for the show but it’s also one piece of the museum permanent collection .

You could see in this event a selection of paintings, drawings, wooden toys and the huge commission artwork i made for the Museum. Also a video and pictures made by Vivien Bertin will be on view at the show too. The video was made in Ibiza at the Coven of Gang of witches art center , you could see all the process during my wall painting  » Goddess of the forest » .
Also a selection of artworks from the stamps  » Féérie Astrologique  » , originals artworks and sketches.
My Painting This letter belongs to you was selected to be on the cover of the Catalogue of the museum, also for the collectors Stamps and on a small selection of merchandising including Totebag, notebook and postcard, and poster of the show too.
The show included artworks from Salvador Dali, Vasarely, Sempé, Philippe Geluck and many more.
more info here :


Solo show Sky is the limit at Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam Oct 8th – Nov 6th

The upside down garden, 40 x 30 cm
Don’t look back, 85 x46 cm

Totem animal Cat power , 40 x 30 cm 2021
Totem animal serie, seahorse power, 40 x 30 cm
Totem animal serie, seahorse power, 40 x 30 cm 2021
Totem animal serie, Butterfly power, 40 x 30 cm 2021



  • July LA Art show with Sally centigrade gallery, Los Angeles art fair, LA art show ,California, USA
  • July « The golden Age of Illustration  » at Haven gallery, Northport, New york, USA
  • August « Princesses of Power  » co -curated group show at Atelier gallery Biarritz, FR
  • August  » Of land and Sea  » group show at Haven gallery , Northport, USA
  • September  » Blab! show  » Copro gallery, Santamonica, California, USA
  • October Solo show  » Sky is the limit  » at Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam, NL
  • October Bewitching , group show at Stranger Factory gallery, Albuquerque,NM, USA
  • December Winter salon, group show at Stranger Factory gallery , Albuquerque, NM, USA

2022 :

January LA Art show, Los Angeles Art fair  with Copro gallery, Los Angeles, USA

MArch/ April  : POPLAND 2, group show curated by Ciou at Kochxbos gallery with 17 artists from Japan, USA and France, Malojo, Guillaume Josué, Junko Mizuno, Camilla d’Errico, Aya Kakeda , Yoko D’holbachie ,Sasaku Kusuriyubi , Kamerian , Casey Weldon,Victor Castillo, Nicoletta Cecolli , Mizna Wada, Yu Maeda, Naoto Hattori, Laura Colors, Travis Louis, Ciou  Amsterdam,NL

August : Midsummer dream show 1 , Atelier Biarritz FR

September : Blab! group show curated by Monte Beauchamp ,Copro Gallery, Santa Monica USA

December :  solo show at Copro Gallery , Santa Monica, California USA

2023 : April solo show Hanami, Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam, NL

Cosmic Longevity , Haven gallery NYC
West to the east, Beautiful bizarre magazine Lucid dreamer group show, at Copro gallery, California USA
The last cosmic mermaid , Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam NL
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Show in 2021 USA, PARIS, Amsterdam and more

2021 :

  • January winter show, group show Kochxbos Amsterdam NL
  • January « Kowaï  » curated by Mizna Wada at Nucleus gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA
  • February  » Khali show »  at Strange cat Toy gallery, Tampa, Florida, USA
  • April « Lucid Dreamer » group show Copro gallery, Santa Monica, California, USA
  • May  » Wish you where here  » Sally centigrade gallery  » Denver, Colorado, USA
  • MAY-JUNE TBA  » Museum show  » A la point de l’art  » Museum of La Poste PARIS, FR
  • MAY Pop- up duo show with Malojo at Oh!Galerie Bayonne, FR
  • July LA Art show with Sally centigrade gallery, Los Angeles art fair, California, USA
  • July « The golden Age of Illustration  » at Haven gallery, Northport, New york, USA
  • August « Princesses of Power  » group show at Atelier gallery Biarritz, FR
  • August  » Of land and Sea  » group show at Haven gallery , Northport, USA
  • October Solo show  » Sky is the limit  » at Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam, NL
  • October Bewitching , group show at Stranger Factory gallery, Albuquerque,NM, USA
  • December Little big five, group show at Haven gallery, Northport, New york , USA
  • December Winter salon, group show at Stranger Factory gallery , Albuquerque, NM, USA




  • 2020
  • January The Shakespearan group show Haven gallery NYC, USA
  • March Condensed group show at Vanilla gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • June : Yuurei Neko Sama group show at Mothership gallery, Philadelphie USA
  • July Her Majesty 2 , Haven Gallery NYC USA
  • July Duo show Sorginzelaia with Malojo at the Atelier of Guillaume Josué, Biarritz FR
  • August The familiar group show at Wootbear gallery San Francisco, USA
  • September Popland curated by Ciou at Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam, NL
  • October Duo show with Malojo at mothership gallery , Philadelphia , USA
  • October Cat and other superstition, halloween show at Inverarity gallery, Scotland
  • December Kochxbos anniversary group show, Amsterdam, NL
  • December Little Big five, Haven Gallery NYC USA


The new exhibition of KochxBos Gallery – Popland – shows the crème de la crème of Pop Surrealism art, made by sixteen internationally renowned artists who haven’t exhibited in the Netherlands before. They come together in a show curated by our artist Ciou.


It is a world based on narrative and fairytale structures, filled with historical figures and icons of pop culture. A vivid society with an eerie, carnivalesque sense of humor. The art draws our attention to issues of contemporary society such as overpopulation, growing up, and nature. Popland shows futuristic otherworldly perspectives.

Art made in Popland is always highly technically skilled and detailed, which makes entering this entertaining world an enriching experience. The great thing is: you will always take some happy, but slightly disconcerting souvenirs home with you.


Jennybird Alcantara USA – Sunny Buick USA – Ciou FR – Yoko d’ Holbachie JP – Naoto Hatori JP – Guillaume Josué FR – Aya Kakeda JP – Jang Koal KOR – Travis Louie USA – Travis Lampe USA – Junko Mizuno JP – Malojo FR – Kathie Olivas USA – Brandt Peters USA – Adam Wallacavage USA – Casey Weldon USA

Sorginzelaia means the Field of witches in Basque language, Malojo and I invite you to the new duo show in biarritz at the Atelier of Guillaume Josué, 2 rue Duler in Biarritz, France


Haven gallery NYC Group show Her Majesty II, July 10th USA, here is my Queen of the fantastic beast.

Wall painting Project  » Goddess of the Forest « at the Art center Coven of Gang of witches, Ibiza , Spain, February 2020

Pictures and Video by vivien Bertin. I will come back to Ibiza asap to continue the wall painting and doing more, stay tuned

Gang of Witches Ibiza Coven, members of the Artistic Gang from Left to right : Sabrine Kasbaoui, Sophie Rokh, Paola Hivelin, Ciou, Valerie Mitteaux, Laura Rigaud, Vivien Bertin



The Shakespearean group show at Haven gallery, NYC, January 2020

Titania and Botton, 40 x30 cm, 2020
The Misfits Parade, 90×62 cm 2019

Solo show « The inner land part 2 » at Kochxbos, opening November 16th Amsterdam, see you there

  • group show :
  • Oct, Halloween group Toy show, Martian Toys gallery Philadelphia, USA
  • Nov Dcon designer con, 300 artists at Anaheim convention center Los Angeles , USA
  • Nov/Dec group show, Pop up at L’atelier de Guillaume Jossué, Biarritz, FR
  • Nov Museum of La Poste , » Le Musée sort de ses réserves « , Paris FR

Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary at Corey Helford gallery curated by Caro until August 3rd Los Angeles .


Hello Kitty has been spreading joy for 45 years amongst an ever-increasing fan base of all age groups. This special group exhibition, featuring artists from all over the globe, examines the world of Hello Kitty and her influence on popular culture throughout her 45 years. This show is sponsored by Sanrio Japan.

Gang of witches  » Patriarchy is Burning at the Yoyo Palais de Tokyo museum Paris , art festival June 15th-16th FR

Gaia Reborn at the Urban Nation Museum, Project M Berlin Germany curated by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

The Gaia reborn group show was amazing, the opening was stunning, thank you Berlin!!!!!!  it was so nice to meet you all
URBAN NATION presents ~
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine exhibition: Gaia Reborn: A Future Utopia. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine
Exhibition Dates: 11 May – 10 July 2019

Exhibiting artists:
Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Brian Viveros, Caia Koopman, Calvin Ma, Chris Berens, Ciou, Crystal Morey, Dilka Bear, Ellen Jewett, Erika Sanada, Ewa Prończuk-Kuziak, Fin Dac [mural], Forest Rogers, Hannah Yata, Kelogsloops, Jana Brike, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Jean Pierre Arboleda, Jessica Dalva, Joel Rea, Johnson Tsang, J Louis, Julie Filipenko, Juliette Clovis, Kate MacDowell, Kazuki Takamatsu, Kevin Peterson, Kisung Koh, Laura Colors, Lori Nelson, Lucy Hardie, Mab Graves, Marie Larkin, Miho Hirano, Nadezda, Naoto Hattori, Natalia Fabia, Olga Esther, ONEQ, Peca Dōbutsu, Rebecca Leveille, Redd Walitzki, Richard Ahnert, Rose Freymuth-Frazier, Sarah Joncas, Sarah Louise Davey, Scott Musgrove, CRAWW, Tom Bagshaw, Tom Christophersen, Tran Nguyen, Troy Brooks, Miss Van, Vipoo Srivilasa, Yousuke Kawashima.

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last show in 2018 and upcoming event in 2019

2018 was a great year , i would like to coming back to the collaboration with Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo . TOKYO FREAKOUT LAND advertising in Tokyo Japan

My artwork Space circus  was for my solo show Cosmic Fantasy in Tokyo but also for the TOKYO FREAKOUT LAND  event .  It ’s a night event global physical arts from circus, sideshows, cabaret and modern art in Tokyo , September 2018


Mercado Los Olvidados in Los Angeles .  Conceived and curated by Camille Rose Garcia and Pskaufman…, Mercado Los Olvidados was created for the purpose of bringing artists and their communities directly together.
Foregoing the traditional artist/gallery model, by bringing multiple artists together and allowing them to show the depth of how their work can be interpreted. Mercado Los Olvidados hopes to change the way people think of art, change how and what art they buy and how it could be incorporated into their daily lives.
LINE-UP : Camille Rose Garcia, Travis Lampe, Nicomi Nix Turner, Gretchen Lewis, Jessicka Addams, Matt Darling, Ciou, Panca, Bryn Perrott, Adam Wallacavage, Bonethrower, Bittersqueaks, Tripper Dungan, Lisa Vanin, Malojo, Jennybird Alcantara, Lillipore, Show Pigeon, Kristina Drake and Emily Kay Tattoo

Also the group show  » Venus Revolution in Paris, FR  by  Gang of Witches was amazing too : look at the Beaux -arts video here :

2019 will be full of events , exhibitions and new artworks . I will be more focus on new paintings , including  bigger ones too. I would like to challenge myself and create more complex universe.  So i start the year working in my studio on new artworks. I will have some great event with Kochxbos gallery , in April for the Kunstrai  contemporary art fair in Amsterdam and a big solo show in November too.
In march i will take part to the « Dark art  » group show at Vanilla Gallery TOKYO, JAPAN, i am so excited to work again in Japan with Vanilla gallery.
And in May i will take part to a huge group show  » Gaia Reborn » curated by Beautiful Bizzare Magazine at Urban Nation museum in Berlin, Germany .  More event will be announced soon, festival in USA and group shows too . For now i will work on this great shows with more fantasy , colorful and dark universe. Thank you for your support, all the best for this new year. Kind regards from my bat studio.

intergalactic invaders, acrylic and ink on paper , 40 x 30 cm 2018

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Ciou solo show The Inner Land part 1 at KOCHXBOS gallery, Amsterdam

Ciou The Inner Land part 1 at Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam, the Netherlands
We hope to welcome you Saturday 24 March, 17.00 – 20.00

Where we will celebrate  ten-year creative collaboration with Ciou. For this exhibition Ciou has created a phenomenal true masterpiece ‘This Land Is Yours’, beautiful three-dimensional figures ‘Magical Menagerie’  and many more of her latest paintings. All presented in the world famous Ciou Kawaii style. Looking forward to see you at this bang reception.

Hybridation, 2018
The Magical frog, vintage wooden sculpture, acrylic, ink, 2018
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Ciou solo show Tokyo  » Cosmic Fantasy » Nov 2017

I am happy to introduce you to my first solo show in Tokyo, at Vanilla gallery . I will be at the opening the 7th of November, the show runs until the 19th of November. I will show 26 artworks and one kitty 3D toy.  I can’t wait to come back to Japan.

Here is the address of the gallery : Vanilla gallery – TOSEI Building B2F 8-10-7 – Ginza Chuo Ku TOKYO 104-0061 JAPAN

For the show Cosmic fantasy at Vanilla gallery i was inspired by nature, elements, mythes and fairy tales as Princess Kaguya Himé, Spirit of nature, Yokaï, Thumbelina, Princess Mononoke.

In 2016 after a trip and a group show in Tokyo, i  was so inspired by all the beauties  in Japan and was very moved by the nature inside the city. The relation between Nature and Japanese people is extraordinary.


Pacific North west, 50 x 40 cm, acrylic and ink on paper, 2017


The Cosmic Fantasy exhibition is composed with drawings, inks on paper and paintings on paper. For more information contact the gallery : Vanilla gallery

some Press :


Clutch Magazine October N°56, I am glad to feature into the clutch magazine with the cover and 10 pages. It’s a free mag about culture in Toulouse south of France, and they made a party at the circus  » la Grainerie » for the new magazine!!!!

Haven Gallery presents a Beautiful Bizarre Magazine curated exhibition. “Heart’s Blood” inspired by the Oscar Wilde fairytale, ‘The Nightingale & the Rose’. Exhibition runs September 16 – October 15, 2017 . 

‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ is a romantic and deeply moving story of love and sacrifice. Starting out as all fairy tales do, a man seeking his true love, and a young girl who promises him a dance only if he brings her a red rose. His heart song is heard by the nightingale and the ultimate sacrifice for love is heartbreakingly made, with an equally heartbreaking end. We wouldn’t be human without our stories of love and loss. Ultimately our existence relies upon drifting into and away from love. We cannot control having hearts that fall deeply and break easily. Love leaves lingering memories and the theme is to explore the dark and romantic with the help of this tragic love story.
Participating Artists:
Adrian Borda, Akiki Ijichi, Amber Carr, Amy Sol, Bella Harris, Caia Koopman, Camilla d’Errico, Carisa Swenson, Chie Yoshii, Ciou, Crystal Morey, Elizabeth McGrath, Emil Melmoth, Emilie Steele, Erika Sanada, Fay Helfer, Forest Rogers, Glenn Arthur, Gretchen Lewis, Hieu Nguyen, Hikari Shimoda, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Jessica Joslin, Jel Ena, Kari-Lise Alexander, Karly Perez, Kathie Olivas, Kurtis Rykovich, Lana Crooks, Laura Colors, Lori Nelson, Mahlimae, Miho, Miso, Naoto Hattori, Nadezda, Octoplum, Peca, Richard J Oliver, Scott Radke, Sheri DeBow, Tracy Lewis, Virginie Ropars, Yoko d’Holbachie, Young Chun, Zoe Lacchei


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