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Ciou, was  born in Toulouse in 1981, she  actually works and lives near the forest and the Atlantic ocean in France , after living in Bruxelles and Paris.

Picture by Vivien Bertin at Gang of Witches, Ibiza, Spain

She succeeded to gain a relevant place in the world of contemporary pop art and lowbrow, at a very young age . The exhibit that gave her international visibility was in 2004 at the Flux Factory gallery  in New York City  with the group show  » Cute and Scary » with confirmed Popsurréalist and neo pop artists. Since then she was exhibited all around the world : Japan, Usa, Europe and Australia . She is represented in the Netherlands by the gallery Kochxbos in Amsterdam since 2008. A great collaboration with Hans Bos and Esther Koch gave them the opportunity to several solo shows and art fairs. She made her first Solo Show at Vanilla gallery in Tokyo in november 2017 . She is actually working on several projects from 2021 to 2022  : group show in USA ;  The los Angeles Art fair  » LA art show » , Museum of La poste in Paris with the show  » A la pointe de l’art » , and  her solo show at Kochxbos gallery in Amsterdam, her solo show  » keep my heart brighting in the dark at Copro gallery in december 2022 and other 3D sculpture project too  .

Heterogenous, abundant and firmly alternative, Ciou’s world is a visual compendium of fantastic themes and styles. Cultivating a taste for the odd and folkloric. Ciou approches in her work subject as nature, metamorphosis, paganism and beauty. Self -characterized as a Necro Kawaï art ( Necro for the dark side, Kawaï for the cute side ). Her style is the result of a massive hybridation of European, American, Mexican and Japanese graphic fields. A large part of Ciou’s world can besides being described as a strange carnival parade where tattooed ladies, charming freaks and outsiders are the norm. She composed acid coloured farandoles with attractive nymphs, phantasmagorical animals and anthropomorphic plants .

Museum show  :  Museum of Madre Napoli , Italy – Museum  of Palais de Tokyo Paris, Fr – Museum of La Poste, Paris Fr – Museum of La Halle st Pierre, Paris, FR – Museum Urban Nation Berlin, Germany

Museum Permanent collection :  Permanent national collection of the Museum of La Poste Paris , FR

Member of Gang of Witches , Art Gang ,Ibiza Spain

Collaboration with Brands : La Poste, Morphik, Nookart, ArtsBd , Sony, L’Aubusson

Media/video :  the art and life of  ciou was on  Dutch national Tv, VPRO  for the international Sarah’s Barbaren documentary serie, 40 min .

Video making off  » the Goddess of the forest » by Vivien Bertin at Gang of witches in Ibiza, Spain

Illustrated book and art book :   first book in 2009  » Chat siamois » with the french editor Venusdea  , « Ciou collected art  » 144 pages, first art book , edited by Kochxbos Publishers 2014,Thumbelina by Christian Hans Andersen, edited by Scutella in January 2016.

Edited by : Scutella edition FR, CYPI china/UK , Graffito Books UK, Soleil/venusdea collection FR ,  le Seuil FR, Flammarion FR , Monsa edition Barcelona , Color ink book USA, Kochxbos publisher NL, Timeless FR, HEY!,  GOW Gang of witches editions, Talking Heads art serie Japan, Ultra Shibuya edition, Beautiful Bizarre art catalogue Australia, Abrams and Cernunnos USA, Snoeck art catalogue BE

Press : HiFructose website, Juxtapoz website , Hey magazine, Rise magazine, Elegy magazine, Zone 5300 NL, Wild magazine, Amsterdam enjoy NL , Het patrool NL , City art now NL, Beautiful and Bizarre magazine Australia, Clutch magazine,