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  • DNAP, Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Toulouse, 2001-2004

Solo exhibition

2024 : Solo show at Kochxbos gallery OCT/NOV, Amsterdam, NL

2023 : Solo show April  » Hanami » Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam, NL

2022 : Solo Show at Copro gallery December, Santa Monica, California USA

2021 : Solo Show Sky is the limit  at Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam oct

2019 :

Solo Show The Inner land part 2, November Kochxbos gallery , Amsterdam, NL

2018 :

solo show The inner land part 1 at Kochxbos Gallery March, Amsterdam, NL


Solo Show Gallery Zic&Bul, Paris FR- January/february

Solo show – mini solo show at Copro Gallery, Santa monica California, USA February 25th

Solo show at Vanilla Gallery TOKYO 7 of november JAPAN



2015 :

Solo Show November  » winter Tale  » November- January, at Art’s Factory gallery, PARIS, FR

Solo Show   » Beyond the Rainbow  » 24 january – 28 february , at KOCHXBOS gallery, Amsterdam, NL


solo show  » A Spell on you », Kochxbos Gallery Amsterdam, 23 march- 20 April

Solo show, at the « Galerie du bas », Museum  » LA halle st Pierre » Paris, programmation of the exhibition  » Hey modern art and pop culture, part 2″ ,  4 june- 7 july , June 2013


  •  solo show  » Necro KawaÏ »  Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome, Italy


  • Solo show « The Black Parade », Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam, NL


  • Solo show « Rebirth » Mondo bizzarro Gallery, Rome
  • Solo Show curated by the french Magazine Hey, Paris Who’s next festival
  • Solo show for the Festival  » Rencontre du Neuvième art » Aix en Provence, France
  • Solo show « Mysterious Flowers » ROQ LA RUE Gallery, Seattle, USA


  • « Nymph Solo Show », Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


  • Acid Candy, Excellence Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.


  • Lady Alchemy, l’Art de Rien, Paris, France.


  • Gallery Lily Pink, Aix-en Provence, France

Group exhibition

2024 :

  • January :  Art collector starter kit group show at Corey Helford gallery Los Angeles
  • February : Care bears anniversary show at Corey Helford gallery Los Angeles
  • March : Duo show with Malojo at the Dog and Pony gallery Munich, Germany
  • April : Group show Let them eat Cake Curio art gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
  • May : Popland 4 curated by Ciou at Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam , Netherlands

2023 :

– January Art collector starter kit at Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

– March Secret Longings curated by BBM at Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

– May , POPLAND 3 curated by Ciou at Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam, NL

-Sept : Duo show with Malojo at the Atabal, Art center Biarritz, FR

-Sept, Blab show curated by Monte Beauchamp Copro gallery, USA

-Sept, Vanguard group show at Outre gallery, Australia

-Sept, Kronos contemporary art festival , pueblo espanol, Barcelona, Spain

– Oct, Toys custom at the  Comic con NYC at the Stormy vault booth , NYC, USA

2022 :

January : LA art show, Los Angeles Art fair with Copro Gallery USA

March : POPLAND 2 curated by Ciou at Kochxbos gallery , Amsterdam NL

August : Midsummer night dream, group show co- curated with Guillaume Josué and Malojo at the Atelier, Biarritz, Fr

Sept : Blab! group show curated by Monte Beauchamps, Copro gallery, USA

Oct : Mercado Los Olvidados, PS kaufman art space ,Los Angeles , USA

2021 :

February  » Kowaï  » group show curated by Mizna Wada at Nucleus gallery Portland, Oregon US

April  » Lucid dreamer  » curated by Beautiful bizarre magazine at Copro gallery, Santa Monica, California

May : Wish you where here at  Sally Centigrade gallery, Denver, Colorado USA

July LA Art show with Sally centigrade gallery, Los Angeles art fair, LA art show ,California, USA

  • July « The golden Age of Illustration  » at Haven gallery, Northport, New york, USA
  • August « Princesses of Power  » co -curated group show at Atelier gallery Biarritz, FR
  • August  » Of land and Sea  » group show at Haven gallery , Northport, USA
  • September  » Blab! show  » Copro gallery, Santamonica, California, USA
  • October Solo show  » Sky is the limit  » at Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam, NL
  • October Bewitching , group show at Stranger Factory gallery, Albuquerque,NM, USA
  • December Winter salon, group show at Stranger Factory gallery , Albuquerque, NM, USA

2020 :

  • January The Shakespearan group show Haven gallery NYC, USA
  • March Condensed group show at Vanilla gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • March/April Duo Show with Malojo at L’atelier de Guillaume Jossué, Biarritz, FR
  • June : Yuurei Neko Sama group show at Mothership gallery, Philadelphie USA
  • July Her Majesty 2 , Haven Gallery NYC USA
  • July Duo show Sorginzelaia with Malojo at the Atelier of Guillaume Josué, Biarritz FR
  • August The familiar group show at Wootbear gallery San Francisco, USA
  • September Popland curated by Ciou at Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam, NL
  • October Duo show with Malojo at mothership gallery , Philadelphia , USA
  • October Cat and other superstition, halloween show at Inverarity gallery, Scotland
  • December Kochxbos anniversary group show, Amsterdam, NL
  • December Little Big five, Haven Gallery NYC USA

2019 :

  • March Dark art group show at Vanilla gallery Tokyo, JP
  • April Kunstrai art fair, Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam NL
  • Mocca Art fest, New York, USA,
  • May, Gaia Reborn, group show curated by Beautiful Bizarre magazine  at the Urban Nation museum , Berlin, Germany
  • June Gang of Witches group show, espace YOYO palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR
  • July  » Monochrom Mandala III » curated by Anita Inverarity, Scotland Highland
  • July Hello Kitty 45th anniversary , sponsored by Sanrio , Corey Helford gallery, USA
  • Oct , Sign of Time, Aarthropology gallery online show USA
  • Oct, Halloween group Toy show, Martian Toys gallery Philadelphia, USA
  • Nov Dcon designer con, 300 artists at Anaheim convention center Los Angeles , USA
  • Nov/Dec group show, Pop up at L’atelier de Guillaume Jossué, Biarritz, FR
  • Nov Museum of La Poste , » Le Musée sort de ses réserves « , Paris FR

2018 :

  • Dec, Duo show with Malojo at Green galerie Toulouse  FR

  • Sept, Mercado Los Olvidados curated by Camille Rose Garcia and Paul Kaufman, Los Angeles, USA

  • Kunstrai Art fair, Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam, NL

  • May, Duo show with Malojo at Atelier Monika, Bordeaux, FR

  • May, Gang of Witch group show, PARIS, FR, TBA

  • March Group show HEY!  » l’outsider pop français » art show, march to June, Art space  » Espace culturel François Mitterand Perigueux,  » FR


  • February Duo show with Malojo at Pony Club gallery PORTLAND – opening February 2nd – we will be present at the opening too.
  • May Huberty-Breyne Gallery , Paysage group show at Paris and Bruxelles, auction Bruxelles
  • Sept Group show Heart’s blood curated by Beautiful Bizarre magazine at Haven Gallery , NEW YORK,  USA
  • Sept Mercado Los Olvidados, artist market curated by Camille Rose Garcia and Paul Kaufman Los Angeles USA
  • December  » The illustrators » group show Atabal, Biarritz, FR

2016 :

– January  : Original artwork from the book Thumbelina, edited by Scutella, exhibited at the FIBD, Festival International of comics Angoulême, FR

-April : Aestheticism Curated by Beautiful Bizarre at Vanilla Gallery, TOKYO, JAPAN

-July : Summer 16 Copro Nason gallery, California USA

-July : Tarot group show , Alexia Era, USA


-December  » 1Oth birthday of the gallery Kochxbos, group show Amsterdam, NL

-October  » venus » project, auction awareness breast cancer – exhibition Biarritz, Anglet, Bayonne south of france

– september  » Ride Group show » curated by Martin Ontiveros, Portland, USA

-september French Lowbrow group show at the Space junk art center, Bayonne, Lyon, Grenoble, FRANCE

–  June 6X6 group show at Auguste clown Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

– June, Tiny Trifecta group show, curated by Tara mcPherson,Cotton Candy MAchine gallery NYC, USA

-May, Group show at Cotton Candy Machine gallery , NYC, USA

– May Group show Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam, NL

-April Group show  » Story Book » curated by the Wharolian at the Modern Eden Gallery, San francisco, USA

-March Duo show with Malojo at the Green Gallery , Print Show , Toulouse, FR

-March Group show  » Dreamland » curated by Caro  Corey Helford gallery, California, USA

-February Rotterdam art fair with Kochxbos gallery, NL

–  January ARt Fair Little Topia, California  during the LA art fair, with the gallery Corey Helford gallery, USA


September Duo show with Malojo at the white lady art gallery, Dublin, Ireland

June Summer show at Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam , NL

June Kuntsrai art fair with Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam ,NL

June Tiny Trifecta group show curated by Tara McPherson, at the cotton candy Machine, NYC, USA

April at the Cotton Candy Machine, with Malojo, more news soon, New York, USA


upcoming oct : « Monster, monster! Monster!!  » duo show with Malojo at white Lady Art gallery, Dublin, Ireland

oct : AAF, art Fair Amsterdam represented by Kochxbos Gallery, NL

 » Children of the revolution », Ciou, Victor Castillo, Sergio Mora curated by fanny Giniès, at the Ego Gallery, Switzerland

 » Paul Frank » present Julius toy art show, , curated by Paul frank and sweet street at Toy art gallery, California, USA

 » Tiny Trifecta »,  15 th June,  group show curated by Tara mc Pherson, Cotton candy machine gallery, NY, USA

 » Raw Artfair » with Kochxbos Gallery, Rotterdam, NL


Tiny Trifecta, curated by Tara Mc pherson at the Cotton Candy Machine, New York, USA

« Death and the maiden « , Roq  La Rue Seattle, USA

 » Malojo, Franeck and Ciou » at « le pied de biche, gallery, Paris, FR

« Le Cabaret Organique » , paintings , drawings, and Wallpainting , organized by the  french artistic resistance collective Nyctalopes, at the Passage Choiseul, Paris, FR

 » New Space » Group show At Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam, NL

 » Atelier popsurréaliste », Mondo Pop gallery  Rome, Italy


  • « A dream within a dream » duo show with the artist Nicoz Balboa, at the « Rue de Beauce » gallery, Paris
  • « Sweet Street 80’s influence in Japan Today », group show co- curated by spank tokyo, at the WWA gallery , California, USA
  • « Relaunch part 1 » group show at the Varnish fine Art gallery, San francisco, USA
  • « Summer Carnival  » , Duo Show with the artist Malojo, Girlshop, Anglet, France
  • « Dear Japan » Donation group show, at Art connects Gallery,  New York ,USA
  • « The Lost generation » , group show at the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome, Italy
  •  « Tiny Trifecta » group show curated by Tara Mc Pherson, at the Cotton Candy Machine gallery, New York, USA
  • « Métamorphose en bord de ciel » , group show curated by Mathias Malzieu, at  » L’art de rien » Gallery, Paris, France


  • « Open door in the sky » Duo show , Gallery GHP, Toulouse, France
  • « Hommage à Skydoll » group show, Gallery Nana, Paris
  • « Black and White » Group show, gallery l’art de rien, Paris
  • « Sweet Street » group show, Gallery Nucleus, California, USA
  • « Urban Superstar group show » BACK from BLACK », Madre Museum, Naples, ITALY
  • Paris Calling group show curated by art’s factory, Antwerp, Belgium


  • 12/09 Winter Show group show, Art’s Factory, Paris, France
  • 11/09 AAF, Arffordable Art Fair Amsterdam, with Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam,Netherlands
  • 11/09 The Hinterland in my Room, CAVE Gallery, Los Angeles, California
  • 10/09 Step 09 art fair, Mondo pop Gallery, Milan, Italy
  • 10/09 Never say never land, L’art de rien Gallery, Paris, France
  • 09/09 Urban Superstar Show Suite, Mondo Pop Gallery, Rome, Italy
  • 05-06/09 Urban Superstar Show, Madre Museum of Contemporary Art curated by Mondo Pop, Naples, Italy
  • 03/09 Vinyl Factory, Mondo Pop Gallery, Rome, Italy
  • 02/09 Jolie Poupée, Compound Gallery, Portland, USA
  • 01/09 Group Show, MF Gallery, Genova, Italy


  • 12/08 MF Toys group show, MF Gallery, New-York, USA
  • 10/08 AAF, Arffordable Art Fair Amsterdam, with Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 10/08 Inside Nostalghia, Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy
  • 10/08 Eat me Drink me, l’Art de Rien, Paris, France
  • 09/08 Halloween Group Show, MF Gallery, New-York, USA
  • 09/08 Whaleless, True Hate Gallery, La Rochelle, France
  • 03/08 Girls, Girls, Girls, MF Gallery, New-York, USA
  • 02/08 Royal Dolls and Slave Rabbits, Espace Art 22, Brussels, Belgium


  • 11/07 Winter Show, Art’s Factory, Paris, France
  • 07/07 Bestial, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • 06/07 Girls group show, l’Art de Rien, Paris, France
  • 02/07 Dark Heart and Broken Vows, Strychnin Gallery, New-York, USA


  • 11/06 Graphic Session, Art’s Factory, Paris, France
  • 11/06 Guest for Lydia Lunch’s exhibition, Kennory Kim Gallery, Paris, France
  • 10/06 Peluche X Peluche, Lovelies Lab Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  • 07/06 Erotika, True Hate Gallery, La Rochelle, France


  • group show, Art’s Factory, Paris, France
  • 09/05 La main qui dessinait toute seule, Magda Danysz, Paris, France


  • Cute and Scary, Flux Factory, New-York, USA
  • Freaks, La Mauvaise Réputation, Bordeaux, France

Bibliography :

2020 :  A la pointe de l’art , Catalogue of the museum show Musée de la poste, edition Snoeck , Fr

2020 : Cats rocks, Feline in the contemporary art and pop culture ,Cernunos ,Huginn&Muninn edition USA

2020 :  Lowbrow art and Pop surréalism The origin , by Mauro Tropeano, Italy

2019 : Gang of witches edition , Mars  art book of the show, FR

2018 : Ciou a Journey into Fantasy art book Vol 1 and 2, ciou edition

2016:  » 4 degrees Art  » art book edited by HEY!

2015 : illlustrated book  » Thumbelina »  from Andersen, edited by Scutella France

-Manga inspiration, collective artbook edited by Monsa edition Barcelona, Spain

-Manga Art, collective artbook, Ultra edition , collection shibuya, italy

2014 :  Magic of lines, Published by CYPI Press, 240 Pages . Lines play a vital role in illustration composition. While they’re often seen as simply the most basic of illustrative forms, lines are used to create illusions of space, detail contours of shapes, and convey rich emotion and style in artwork. Magic of Lines displays the line’s rich diversification in forms, and its vehement and unique expressiveness in illustrated works. It includes elaborate introductions as well as interviews with 10 of the most talented illustrators specializing in linework from around the world.

– » Pink is evil, Evil is pink  » duo art book with Malojo, Timeless edition, FR

-Ciou first art book   » Collected art » 144 pages, edited by Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam

– » Lowbrow Cats » featured in the book edited by Graffito Books, UK

2013 :  » Coloring book volume 19″ brothers washburn production, California, USA

–  » Brands and illustrators » 5 doubles pages,  Monsa edition, Barcelona, spain

-Zone 5300,  2 doubles pages , special number 100th issue -Comics art and culture, Netherlands

2012 :  » Rise magazine » interview 6 double pages

« Wild Magazine » interview 2 double pages

Ciou in the Book of the show  » le cabaret organique » art book, 2 double pages by Nyctalopes, FR

  • 2011 : « Cute Illustration », 5 double pages about ciou’s artwork  on the art book, by Monsa Publisher, Barcelona, Spain
  • Dec 2010 : drawing in the book « Soleil en Faveur D’Haiti » , soleil edition
  • June 2010 : interview in Hey Magazine, French Pop art and moderne Culture Magazine, PARIS
  • March 2010 : « Sweet Illustration, collective books Of 22 female Artist », 7 double pages of drawings and Paintings by Monsa Publisher, Barcelona, SPAIN
  • November 2009 « Chat Siamois » book release, illustrations by Ciou and story by Guillaume Bianco, Venus Dea Publisher
  • 2009 Elegy Magazine
  • 2009 Le Coltin Grafik by Siranouche éditions
  • 2008 Look de Book edition, creative guide of contemporary art, spain
  • 2007 Rendez-Vous by éditions En Marge
  • 2007 Notre Combat by edition le Seuil
  • 2006 Elegy Magazine
  • 2006 Erotika by Coniglio Editore
  • 2006 Peau de Lapin
  • 2005 Monztaaah by Belio edition


  • 10/09 Nominated for the Young Illustrators Award, Illustrative 09