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exhibition in California, Amsterdam, France, Spain and more

2024 upcoming show :

  • January :  « Art collector starter kit group show » at Corey Helford gallery Los Angeles
  • February : « Care bears anniversary show » at Corey Helford gallery Los Angeles
  • March : Duo show with Malojo at the Dog and Pony gallery Munich, Germany
  • April : Group show « Let them eat Cake » Curio art gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
  • May : Popland 4 curated by Ciou at Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam , Netherlands
Green Planet number 3 for the show Art collector Starter kit at Corey Helford gallery Los Angeles , January 2024
Green Planet number 3 for the show Art collector Starter kit at Corey Helford gallery Los Angeles , January 2024

2023 : My solo show « Hanami  » in March and April at the Kochxbos gallery in Amsterdam :

The literal meaning of Hanami is ‘the art of watching flowers’.

The word Hanami in Japanese is composed by the kanji ‘flower’ and ‘see’, so it’s the art of contemplate flowers. The word refers in Japan to cherry blossoms and how to enjoy small things and nature during the spring. The Japanese people give a lot of importance to the ephemeral and to live every moment or season.

For the solo show ‘Hanami’, Ciou is inspired by the theme of the four seasons. Not only in the traditional sense, but also through the climatic disturbances; some days nowadays are totally strange with the experience of four seasons in one day.

The large, hyper-detailed drawings ‘Guardian of the seasons’ and ‘Four seasons in one’ show the urgency of climate change in a surrealistic and magical way. Ciou has chosen to work out the drawings in black and white, which gives a melancholic effect. These drawings are very impressive and incredibly imaginative.

All Season in one, 90 x 80 cm, ink on paper; 2023
Guardians of the seasons, 70 x 60 cm, ink on paper, 2023

Besides drawing and painting, Ciou spends many of her days practicing Hanami, the art of watching flowers through the seasons. You can see this already for a number of years in her work, in which she always manages to create a new, very intriguing world inspired by nature. This wonderful world is a beautiful surprising mix of existing – and fantasy flora and fauna. She is also inspired by the celebration of the circle of life.

A few years ago Ciou went through the experience ‘Go for Hanami’ or ‘Sakura’ in Tokyo. This magical encounter with the cherry blossoms will stay with her forever and continue to inspire her.

The painting ‘First bloom meeting’ is made with that special feeling of a great outdoor Sakura celebration, a sense of rebirth, a beautiful celebration of spring surrounded by the spirit of nature. This source of inspiration can also be seen in the paintings ‘Think pink’, ‘Hanami fever’ and ‘Serpentina queen of the Sakura’.

Think pink, Hanami Fever, 2023

POPLAND 3 curated by Ciou at Kochxbos gallery in Amsterdam

Artists from all over the world will be present at the opening, including well-known ‘greats’ from the popsurrealist movement Victor Castillo from Chile, Chuck Sperry from the USA, Miss Van from France, Peca from Argentina and Ciou from France… and in addition emerging talent Erlend Tate from Scotland. Our DJ provides the right inspiring vibes… it will be a Pop-artsy Party not to be missed!

For Popland, Ciou has managed to bring together the créme de la créme of Pop Surrealism from Japan, Chile, Scotland to Australia, from internationally renowned artists to new emerging talent.

Pop surrealism, also known as lowbrow art, combines elements of popular culture and the surrealist tradition. It is characterized by colorful, detailed and sometimes humorous depictions of bizarre and dreamlike scenes, often with a satirical commentary on contemporary society

Complete line-up Popland

AHoy – Angela Ho AUS – Aura Uguccioni IT-  Chizu Wada JP- Chuck Sperry USA-  Ciou FR- Dave Cooper CA- Erlend Tait GB – Jacki Jo Koester US-  Junko Mizuno JP- Malojo EUSK-  Miss Van FR-
Moira Hahn US-  Nicoletta Ceccoli SM- Peca AR-  Sonya Fu HK-  Victor Castillo CHL- Yusei Abe JP

More shows to come  :

-Sept : Duo show with Malojo at the Atabal, Art center Biarritz, FR

-Sept, Blab show curated by Monte Beauchamp Copro gallery, USA

-Sept, Vanguard group show at Outre gallery, Australia

-Sept, Kronos contemporary art festival , pueblo espanol, Barcelona, Spain

-Oct, Toys custom at the  Comic con NYC at the Stormy vault booth , NYC, USA