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last show in 2018 and upcoming event in 2019

2018 was a great year , i would like to coming back to the collaboration with Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo . TOKYO FREAKOUT LAND advertising in Tokyo Japan

My artwork Space circus  was for my solo show Cosmic Fantasy in Tokyo but also for the TOKYO FREAKOUT LAND  event .  It ’s a night event global physical arts from circus, sideshows, cabaret and modern art in Tokyo , September 2018


Mercado Los Olvidados in Los Angeles .  Conceived and curated by Camille Rose Garcia and Pskaufman…, Mercado Los Olvidados was created for the purpose of bringing artists and their communities directly together.
Foregoing the traditional artist/gallery model, by bringing multiple artists together and allowing them to show the depth of how their work can be interpreted. Mercado Los Olvidados hopes to change the way people think of art, change how and what art they buy and how it could be incorporated into their daily lives.
LINE-UP : Camille Rose Garcia, Travis Lampe, Nicomi Nix Turner, Gretchen Lewis, Jessicka Addams, Matt Darling, Ciou, Panca, Bryn Perrott, Adam Wallacavage, Bonethrower, Bittersqueaks, Tripper Dungan, Lisa Vanin, Malojo, Jennybird Alcantara, Lillipore, Show Pigeon, Kristina Drake and Emily Kay Tattoo

Also the group show  » Venus Revolution in Paris, FR  by  Gang of Witches was amazing too : look at the Beaux -arts video here :

2019 will be full of events , exhibitions and new artworks . I will be more focus on new paintings , including  bigger ones too. I would like to challenge myself and create more complex universe.  So i start the year working in my studio on new artworks. I will have some great event with Kochxbos gallery , in April for the Kunstrai  contemporary art fair in Amsterdam and a big solo show in November too.
In march i will take part to the « Dark art  » group show at Vanilla Gallery TOKYO, JAPAN, i am so excited to work again in Japan with Vanilla gallery.
And in May i will take part to a huge group show  » Gaia Reborn » curated by Beautiful Bizzare Magazine at Urban Nation museum in Berlin, Germany .  More event will be announced soon, festival in USA and group shows too . For now i will work on this great shows with more fantasy , colorful and dark universe. Thank you for your support, all the best for this new year. Kind regards from my bat studio.

intergalactic invaders, acrylic and ink on paper , 40 x 30 cm 2018