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Ciou solo show Tokyo  » Cosmic Fantasy » Nov 2017

I am happy to introduce you to my first solo show in Tokyo, at Vanilla gallery . I will be at the opening the 7th of November, the show runs until the 19th of November. I will show 26 artworks and one kitty 3D toy.  I can’t wait to come back to Japan.

Here is the address of the gallery : Vanilla gallery – TOSEI Building B2F 8-10-7 – Ginza Chuo Ku TOKYO 104-0061 JAPAN

For the show Cosmic fantasy at Vanilla gallery i was inspired by nature, elements, mythes and fairy tales as Princess Kaguya Himé, Spirit of nature, Yokaï, Thumbelina, Princess Mononoke.

In 2016 after a trip and a group show in Tokyo, i  was so inspired by all the beauties  in Japan and was very moved by the nature inside the city. The relation between Nature and Japanese people is extraordinary.


Pacific North west, 50 x 40 cm, acrylic and ink on paper, 2017


The Cosmic Fantasy exhibition is composed with drawings, inks on paper and paintings on paper. For more information contact the gallery : Vanilla gallery

some Press :


Clutch Magazine October N°56, I am glad to feature into the clutch magazine with the cover and 10 pages. It’s a free mag about culture in Toulouse south of France, and they made a party at the circus  » la Grainerie » for the new magazine!!!!

Haven Gallery presents a Beautiful Bizarre Magazine curated exhibition. “Heart’s Blood” inspired by the Oscar Wilde fairytale, ‘The Nightingale & the Rose’. Exhibition runs September 16 – October 15, 2017 . 

‘The Nightingale and the Rose’ is a romantic and deeply moving story of love and sacrifice. Starting out as all fairy tales do, a man seeking his true love, and a young girl who promises him a dance only if he brings her a red rose. His heart song is heard by the nightingale and the ultimate sacrifice for love is heartbreakingly made, with an equally heartbreaking end. We wouldn’t be human without our stories of love and loss. Ultimately our existence relies upon drifting into and away from love. We cannot control having hearts that fall deeply and break easily. Love leaves lingering memories and the theme is to explore the dark and romantic with the help of this tragic love story.
Participating Artists:
Adrian Borda, Akiki Ijichi, Amber Carr, Amy Sol, Bella Harris, Caia Koopman, Camilla d’Errico, Carisa Swenson, Chie Yoshii, Ciou, Crystal Morey, Elizabeth McGrath, Emil Melmoth, Emilie Steele, Erika Sanada, Fay Helfer, Forest Rogers, Glenn Arthur, Gretchen Lewis, Hieu Nguyen, Hikari Shimoda, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Jessica Joslin, Jel Ena, Kari-Lise Alexander, Karly Perez, Kathie Olivas, Kurtis Rykovich, Lana Crooks, Laura Colors, Lori Nelson, Mahlimae, Miho, Miso, Naoto Hattori, Nadezda, Octoplum, Peca, Richard J Oliver, Scott Radke, Sheri DeBow, Tracy Lewis, Virginie Ropars, Yoko d’Holbachie, Young Chun, Zoe Lacchei


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Exhibition 2017


Upcoming show 2017 :

Do the Yokaï dance, 2017 mixed media

– Solo show :  Thumbelina artworks and more at the gallery Zic&Bul, January PARIS –  January 18th to february 17th, 76 Avenue de la république, 75011 PARIS


Girls just want to have fun, ink on paper

-Duo show with Malojo at Pony Club gallery PORTLAND – opening February 2nd – we will be present at the opening too.

-Copro Gallery exhibition, i am working on 10 new pieces for the gallery- February 25th – March 10th , SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA

Venus, mixed media 2017

-Huberty Breyne gallery Paris- Bruxelles group show  » Paysage » , auction Bruxelles May 15th

– Group show  » Heart’s blood  »  curated by Beautiful Bizarre magazine at Haven Gallery , NEW YORK, September 2017

– Solo show at Vanilla Gallery , TOKYO november 2017, i will be at the opening too

Publication/artbook  :  » 4 Degrees art » 120 artists talk about ecology, edited by HEY!modern art and pop culture .  » Creepy Romance  » volume 4 january  collective book, USA

Signing/festival :
June Bilbao Manga festival, ES
September 9th Golden Rabbit tattoo studio PARIS, FR
September 16th and 17th Manga Dax, FR
September 22th, 23th, 24th, Mercados Los Olvidados LOS ANGELES, USA
 2016 :
Butterfly Opera on view at Copro Gallery during the Summer 16 group show until July 23th – California, USA –
  more info about my piece here :
Mercado los Olvidados curated by Camille Rose Garcia and Pskaufman – Los Angeles July 29th – 31st, with an amazing line up : Camille Rose Garcia, Jennybird Alcantara, Travis Lampe, Nicomix Turner, Coop, David Cook.. I will take part to the Mercado in the gallery, i can’t be there in person. But i will show my screenprintings, letter press, signed books  » Thumbelina »,  » Chat siamois » and my artbook  » Collected works ». it’s an exciting projet and market with my favorite artists, i am so glad to be represented there. There is a  preview night party and only very limited edition of all the artists. More info here :    ac22ea_caf258e6674a4577be1f02f65a805c1d~mv2

LOWBROW TAROT II at ALEXI ERA gallery  my tarot card : THE MOON

Opening Reception: Aug 5  (5-8pm) Runs: Aug 5 – 28, 2016
6pm Artist Talk: Bob Doucette (CA) + 7pm Lecture: The History of Tarot . LBT II is an international art exhibit featuring 22 new works of art from the lowbrow art movement inspired by the Major Arcana, each showing some aspect of the human experience. The cards of the Major Arcana are focused on three themes: the realm of the material world, the realm of the intuitive mind, and the realm of change. In addition to the exhibit, a hard cover tabletop book featuring these works will be released later in the year.

Artists: Aunia Kahn, Bob Doucette, Charlie Immer, Ciou, David Hochbaum, Erich J. Moffitt, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Jen Ena, Kit King & Oda, Kukula, Laurie Lee Brom, Naoto Hattori, M de Vena, Mahlimae, Mimi Yoon, Peca, Relm Scott Radke, Simona Candini, Tokyo Jesus, Yoko d’Holbachi

themoon-ciou-tarot-web  the Moon , acrylic, ink on paper 2016

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Exhibitions 2016, Thumbelina books and Signings


Thumbelina, illustrated book by Ciou and Scutella edition,book in English and french, 72 pages, beautiful edition with green fabric, released January 28th, Scutella edition FR. This version of Thumbelina turns out to be completely new and original, complex and thrilling : it combines contemporary art with nineteenth-century magical extravaganza in an illustrated, bilingual edition of Andersen’s text, bringing two authors, two worlds and two periods together, although they are separated by almost two centuries.

"Thumbelina", illustrated book, story by Hans Christian Andersen, Scutella edition, 72 pages 2016
« Thumbelina », illustrated book, story by Hans Christian Andersen, Scutella edition, 72 pages 2016

Release of Thumbelina, January 28th 2016 at the iNternational Festival of Comics ANGOULEME, i will sign the book during the festival, also the original artworks will be on view during the festival too.

« Salon du Livre » Paris signing March 19th- 20th , Scutella booth F23, signing hour 10h-16h.

Release in  French bookstore 1st April .

Tokyo signing Thumbelina during the group show Aestheticism, Beautiful Bizarre magazine at Vanilla Gallery Tokyo, Japan 9th of April

First bookstore signing Terres de Légendes, date 30th April, Toulouse FR .

Signing  Amsterdam,  May 7th, original artworks from the book on view at the Solo show, Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam

Signing Angoulême, 4th June, Comptoir des images, FR

Signing 5th  June 2016, Château d’Echiré, Salon du Livre Jeunesse : stand Scutella Editions, Ciou et Cécile Chicault

Signing November, Festival Bd colomiers, France

April 2016, TOKYO group show at Vanilla Gallery, curated by Beautiful Bizzarre Magazine, I will be at the opening, first time in Tokyo.


May 2016, Solo Show,  » A Journey into Fantasy » Kochxbos Gallery Amsterdam, opening May 7th  more info soon.

July : Group show Summer 16, Copro Nason gallery, Santa monica, California, USA, opening july 9th

September 2016, Lowbrow Tarot Project 2, group show and book, Alexi era Gallery, Oregon, USA

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