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Museum show ,solo show, group show end of 2021 -2022

It blooms at night, acrylic, ink on wood 2022, size : 50 x 70 cm


Museum show « A la Pointe de l’art » collective exhibition at the Museum of La Poste in Paris  from May 19th to November 1st .

It’s my First important show in a museum in Paris.
For this special event the museum made a commission to me, the painting  » This letter belongs to you » 1m80 x 2m20 , acrylic, posca on wood is now on view for the show but it’s also one piece of the museum permanent collection .

You could see in this event a selection of paintings, drawings, wooden toys and the huge commission artwork i made for the Museum. Also a video and pictures made by Vivien Bertin will be on view at the show too. The video was made in Ibiza at the Coven of Gang of witches art center , you could see all the process during my wall painting  » Goddess of the forest » .
Also a selection of artworks from the stamps  » Féérie Astrologique  » , originals artworks and sketches.
My Painting This letter belongs to you was selected to be on the cover of the Catalogue of the museum, also for the collectors Stamps and on a small selection of merchandising including Totebag, notebook and postcard, and poster of the show too.
The show included artworks from Salvador Dali, Vasarely, Sempé, Philippe Geluck and many more.
more info here :


Solo show Sky is the limit at Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam Oct 8th – Nov 6th

The upside down garden, 40 x 30 cm
Don’t look back, 85 x46 cm

Totem animal Cat power , 40 x 30 cm 2021
Totem animal serie, seahorse power, 40 x 30 cm
Totem animal serie, seahorse power, 40 x 30 cm 2021
Totem animal serie, Butterfly power, 40 x 30 cm 2021



  • July LA Art show with Sally centigrade gallery, Los Angeles art fair, LA art show ,California, USA
  • July « The golden Age of Illustration  » at Haven gallery, Northport, New york, USA
  • August « Princesses of Power  » co -curated group show at Atelier gallery Biarritz, FR
  • August  » Of land and Sea  » group show at Haven gallery , Northport, USA
  • September  » Blab! show  » Copro gallery, Santamonica, California, USA
  • October Solo show  » Sky is the limit  » at Kochxbos gallery, Amsterdam, NL
  • October Bewitching , group show at Stranger Factory gallery, Albuquerque,NM, USA
  • December Winter salon, group show at Stranger Factory gallery , Albuquerque, NM, USA

2022 :

January LA Art show, Los Angeles Art fair  with Copro gallery, Los Angeles, USA

MArch/ April  : POPLAND 2, group show curated by Ciou at Kochxbos gallery with 17 artists from Japan, USA and France, Malojo, Guillaume Josué, Junko Mizuno, Camilla d’Errico, Aya Kakeda , Yoko D’holbachie ,Sasaku Kusuriyubi , Kamerian , Casey Weldon,Victor Castillo, Nicoletta Cecolli , Mizna Wada, Yu Maeda, Naoto Hattori, Laura Colors, Travis Louis, Ciou  Amsterdam,NL

August : Midsummer dream show 1 , Atelier Biarritz FR

September : Blab! group show curated by Monte Beauchamp ,Copro Gallery, Santa Monica USA

December :  solo show at Copro Gallery , Santa Monica, California USA

2023 : April solo show Hanami, Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam, NL

Cosmic Longevity , Haven gallery NYC
West to the east, Beautiful bizarre magazine Lucid dreamer group show, at Copro gallery, California USA
The last cosmic mermaid , Kochxbos gallery Amsterdam NL